Odamida solucion 135 ml View larger

Odamida solucion 135 ml

Antiseptic mouthwash for: canker sores, mouth infections, hoarseness, halitosis (bad breath) and hoarseness

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- Symptomatic relief of canker sores and minor oral infections.
- Hoarseness, halitosis (bad breath), hoarseness.

Active principles
• benzalkonium chloride 100 mg. Antiseptic oropharyngeal.
• Zinc chloride 250 mg. Astringent estomatológico.

Topical. Adults: Thrush: direct touch with a cotton threaded on a stick.
All other indications: dilute a bottle cap in 4 caps filled with water. Maximum 4 times a day.

- Medicine hypersensitivity.
- Children under 12 years.

Warnings / Tips
Avoid contact with the ears as benzalkonium chloride is ototoxic.

Organic matter reduces the germicidal activity of benzalkonium chloride. It is incompatible with soaps and other anionic surfactants, citrates, iodides, nitrates, permanganates, salicylates, silver salts and nitrates.

Adverse reactions
Some patients may develop hypersensitivity after repeated applications.



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