Phonal 10 comprimidos


Orodispersible tablets with antibiotics and an anesthetic to treat infections in the mouth and throat relieving pain



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Phonal is a orodispersible medicine that combines 3 antibiotics and a local anesthetic.
The combination of antibiotics exerts a rapid sterilization of the oral pathogenic flora while the anesthetic provides a rapid pain relief.
Phonal is indicated to prevent and treat infectious processes in the mouth and throat, laryngitis, pharyngotonsillitis, aphonia and superficial infections in the mouth and throat such as canker sores.

- Neomycin ..... 2.5 mg
- Polymyxin B ..... 1000 IU
- Bacitracin ..... 100 IU
- Benzocaine ..... 1 mg
- Sucrose (excipient) ..... 0.66 g

Take 1 tablet every 2 or 3 hours, allowing it to dissolve in the mouth without chewing.