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Xilin Night 5 g

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Ointment to relieve dry eye sensation at night



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Xilin Night is an ophthalmic ointment that creates a lubricating film on the surface of the eye.
This lubricating film retains moisture on the surface of the eye relieving the dry eye feeling all night.
Xilin Night is especially recommended to be applied at night before bed.
It is not suitable for people who wear contact lenses.
Contains no preservatives.

Remove the lower eyelid from the eye and deposit a thin thread of 1 centimeter ointment in the space between the eyelid and the eye.
Open and close your eyes several times.
Wipe away excess Xilin Night that may have been around the eyelid.
Apply Xilin Night to each eye whenever necessary.
You should wait at least 30 minutes before applying other ophthalmic preparations in the same eye.

- White soft paraffin 57.3%
- White mineral oil 42.5%
- Lanolin alcohols 0,2%

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