Somatoline Reductor Drenante Piernas 200ml


Fat reducing gel for legs that also drains excess fluids


Somatoline Drain Legs Reducer is a gel formula with ice effect developed to reduce the accumulations of fat and to fight the excessive retention of liquids.
Its composition that combines components with reducing activity such as caffeine, with components with draining activity such as escin and butcher's broom extract gets in 2 weeks* reduce, remodel the silhouette of the legs and smooth the skin.
Its formula has been enriched with components with a cryogenic effect such as peppermint and menthol that act on the skin microcirculation.
* results obtained in a clinical study.
Somatoline Drain Legs Reducer is specifically recommended for women who have localized fat and also suffer from fluid retention.

Apply twice a day for 2 weeks.
Regular application is recommended even after 2 weeks to enhance the reducing and draining action.

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