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Micralax 4 microenemas

Laxative in microenemas intended for the immediate relief of constipation in adults and adolescents from 12 years old

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WHAT IS Micralax microenemas
Micralax is a laxative osmotic type, ie, retains fluid in the intestine to increase the volume of stool and thus facilitate their evacuation.
It is indicated for the immediate relief of constipation in adults and adolescents from 12 years old.

COMPOSITION OF Micralax microenemas
- Active ingredient: sodium citrate (450 mg per unidosis).
- Active ingredient: sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (45 mg per unidosis).
- Other components: glycerol, sorbitol, sorbic acid and water.

- Adults and adolescents from 12 years old: Administer 1 time a day. Do not use more than 6 consecutive days.
- Children under 12 years old: not manage unless indicated by a doctor.
Usage: remove the lid, place the nozzle up and tighten slightly until they get a few drops of Micralax. Acontinuación insert the cannula into the rectum and press to empty the entire contents. Remove the cannula while pressing.
It is advisable to hold the evacuation as long as possible to improve the action of the medicine.

Check with your doctor before using Micralax if:
- If you suffer from hemorrhoids or hemorrhagic colitis.
- If you are allergic to the active substance of this medication or some other component thereof.
- If you are pregnant, you think you might be pregnant or are breast-feeding.
- If you are being treated with any other medications.
Treatment should be discontinued if:
- If there is blood in the stool.
- If after 6 consecutive days of use does not improve or even worsens.
You should not use this medicine for more than 6 consecutive days unless directed by a doctor.
Do not use this medicine if you are treated with sodium polystyrene sulfonate because of the risk of intestinal necrosis.

Overdose or accidental ingestion
Not likely due to the type of medication but if it occurs seek medical attention or call poison control center: (+034) 915 62 04 20

Side effects are very rare and are usually diarrhea, abdominal pain and urticaria.


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