Farmacia Escofet guarantees secure payment transactions

Currently we have 5 ways of payment:

- Wire transfer.
This payment will delay receipt of orders 1 to 2 business days: The shipment of the order will not occur until payment is made.

- Cash on delivery.
The customer pays the order upon receipt. This payment comes at an additional cost of 3 € on the total order amount as commission for cash on delivery.
This payment is only available for shipping to the peninsula and for orders whose total amount is between 25 and 100€.

- Payment by bank card through the virtual TPV CECA (ABANCA).
Use your credit card or debit card securely.
This payment method is developed through the https protocol that guarantees a secure payment through SSL Certificates.
SSL (Security Socket Layer) is a commonly used security protocol that establishes a secure channel between two computers connected through the Internet or an internal network.

- Payment with PayPal.
Fast and secure payment through the https protocol.
To pay through this form of payment it is not necessary to open an account in PayPal. Once on the payment page of PayPal click on the bottom where it says: You do not have a PayPal account, Pay with Card, Login as a guest or something similar.

- Payment with Bizum.
Fast, easy and secure payment with your mobile.