The steps in the buying process are:

1 / Access and navigate through the menus until you find the category or item(s) you was looking for. This can also make use of our search, typing the name of the item you are looking for in the box.
The images of items are merely informative and guidance. By mistake it is posible any of photographs does not correspond exactly with the current image of the item.
2 / Add the " Shopping Cart " pressing the button " Add to cart "the item and the desired number of units. At any time the user can click on " Cart " to display the items you added it so you can increase or decrease the number of packages you want to ask or even delete any item you want to delete in the order .
3 / ID. In this step you must register your data for the order. In case you already registered previously in must access our site using your email address and password if I had not done previously.
4 / Address. Check here if the delivery address and billing information are correct. Otherwise it could modify in this step. In this section it is also allows the user to leave a comment about the order being made.
5 / Transport. Choose a carrier for sending your package. At this point you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions to continue the process.
6 / Payment. Select the method that suits you.
You can display different modes of payment accepted by accessing the "Secure payment" you will find on the left side of the home page of our website.
7 / Summary. You are shown a summary of your order on this step. Being under the user must click on " I confirm my order " but otherwise you can go back to redisplay the previous steps of the process order and thus have the option to change them.

After completing the purchase process the user will receive in your email inbox an email with all the information regarding the order just made.

In the "My Orders" under "My Account" on our website the user can view and download invoices or order if you wish.


The dispensation responsability of all medicines and parapharmacy items sold from is Jaime R. Escofet Crespo, pharmacist with the collegial No. 1026 of Official College of Pharmacists of Ourense.

All orders placed through the website be made directly to the Farmacia Escofet.

Each order includes the following contact details of the buyer: Name, phone, email and postal address, to allow the pharmacist responsible for dispensing contact the buyer if deemed appropriate, send the information on the treatment to ensure proper use and sending.

Before accepting an order Farmaca Escofet may request the user, using the contact details that he has provided, the additional information that is deemed relevant to guide, advise and instruct on the correct use of the items that he wants to acquire, as well as verify or supplement the data for the correct deliver of the order.

The responsible pharmacist may consider not appropriate dispensing medicines or parapharmacy products, especially to requests for quantities exceeding those used in standard treatments, frequent requests or repeated, or that indicate the possibility of a misuse or abuse of the items being sold.

The user may at any time contact the responsible pharmacist, through the contact form or phone listed on the web, to consult any doubt about the correct use of medicines or parapharmacy products. This information of contact forms will be sent also to the user along with the products ordered so the pharmacotherapeutic monitoring service can be performed by the pharmacist.

For a period of at least two years after dispensing, it will remain in the pharmacy records of the orders delivered, with reference to the identification of the items, the quantity sold, date of shipment, the buyer data, including the delivery address and the pharmacist responsible for the sale. This register will be maintained for the purpose of inspection and control by the competent authorities.


The prices of medicines presented in includes 4% VAT (VAT super-reduced).
The prices of the parapharmacy items presented at includes the VAT corresponding to each product.
The delivery prices presented in include 21% VAT (VAT normal) .
The prices of all medicines are fixed in Spain but the current Spanish law allows pharmacies to make a voluntary 10% discount on the price maximum.
Farmacia Escofet reserves the right to cancel those orders that had been detected a typographical error in the price of medicines.


Return of medicines
According to Royal Decree 870/2013, of November 8, which regulates the remote sale to the public, via websites, of medicines for human use not subject to medical prescription, the return of medicines is not allowed except in 3 cases:
1) You have mistakenly received medication that you had not ordered.
2) You have received medicines in bad condition due to transport. In this case the package receiver must write in the delivery receipt of the carrier that the package they are delivering is deteriorated: dented, broken, wet...
3) The delivey time of medicines has exceeded twice the time established in the purchase for causes not attributable to the user.
The returned medicines will be destined to their destruction, through the integrated waste management systems.

Returns of parapharmacy items
There are 4 possible reasons for return:
1) You have mistakenly received items that you had not ordered.
2) You have received items in bad condition due to transport. In this case the package receiver must write in the delivery receipt of the carrier that the package they are delivering is deteriorated: dented, broken, wet...
3) The delivery time has exceeded 50% of the time established in the purchase for causes not attributable to the user.
4) For some reason you are not interested in the item(s) you ordered (the item(s) are not what you expected, the size you have chosen is not is not appropriate, etc.).
In the first 3 cases, the total amount of the order including the shipping costs will be paid. The customer does not have to pay the return costs.
In the fourth case, the amount of the returned items will be paid but the cost of shipping and return will be paid by the customer.

Return request
In case you want to return any item susceptible to be returned you must informate us in a maximun period of 24 hours from the receipt of the order. For this you must contact us by sending an email to contacto @ farmaciaescofet. com.
In case you are requesting a refund for having received a product in poor condition you must attach to this email photographs of the product and its inner and outer packaging.
Steps to follow:
1º- Enter the section "My orders" in the section "My account" (link at the bottom of the website).
2º- Select the order in which is the item(s) to be returned.
3º- Mark the item(s) you wish to return, write the reason for the return and click on "Request refund".
4º- We will study the return you requested and we will answer you as soon as possible. In the "My Returns" section under "My Account" you can check if the return has been accepted or rejected.
If it has been accepted you will receive a message with the instructions to follow for the return of the package to our pharmacy. The refund of the item(s) will be made as soon as we receive the package at our pharmacy. Returned items must be conveniently packaged to ensure they arrive at our pharmacy without damage due to transportation. As soon as we receive the package we will make the refund and we will inform the user via email that the refund has been made. If the client wishes, he can download the corresponding subscription in the section "My subscriptions" of his user account.
In case the return has been rejected the customer will receive an email with information on the reason for the rejection.


For any clarification on the terms and conditions of the website or for any claim relating to your purchase, you can contact us in the following ways:

- Contact form: In have a contact form to communicate with our customers quickly and easily. You only have to click on " Contact Us " at the lower left of the web and there you can leave any message you want to send us.
- Regular mail: Farmacia Escofet C / Ourense 61, 32631 Sarreaus (Ourense)
- Email: attcliente @
- Phone: (+034) 988 454 045

These forms of contact will be purely informative, without, in any case, the answer may arise from any binding legal effect.