Nurofen 400 mg (ibuprofeno) 12 comprimidos


Ibuprofen tablets for pain relief (headache, dental, muscular, backaches, menstrual ...) and to reduce fever



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Nurofen 400 mg (ibuprofeno) 12 comprimidos

Ibuprofen tablets for pain relief (headache, dental, muscular, backaches, menstrual ...) and to reduce fever

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WHAT IS 400 Nurofen (ibuprofen)
Nurofen 400 is a medicine into tablets containing as active ingredient 400 mg of ibuprofen.
This medication is used to relieve pain and reduce fever.
Nurofen 400 is effective in relieving headaches, muscle aches, backache, dental, menstrual ... It is also suitable for reducing fever.

- Active ingredient: Each tablet contains 400 mg of ibuprofen.
- Excipients: sucrose, stearic acid, sodium lauryl, sulfate and croscarmellose sodium carboxymethylcellulose, colloidal silica, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, macrogol 6000, talc, gum arabic and printing ink.

Check with your doctor before taking this medicine if:
- If you are allergic to ibuprofen or any other part of this medicine.
- If you have ever suffered from asthma-like allergic reactions after taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatories or painkillers.
- If you have asthma, urticaria, rhinitis, kidney disease, liver, heart, blood clotting disorders, acute intermittent porphyria, or chickenpox.
- If you have had diseases of the stomach or intestine.
- If you are currently being treated with any other medications.
- If the patient is a pregnant or lactating woman.
- If the patient is younger than 12 years old or older than 65.
While being treated with Nurofen 400 should reduce the consumption of alcohol.
Nurofen 400 contains sucrose, bear in mind in the case of patients with intolerance to certain sugars.

- Adults and adolescents from 12 years old: 1 tablet Nurofen 400 every 4 to 6 hours as needed.
- Children under 12 years old: not manage unless medically indicated.
Use the minimum effective dose.
Does not exceed 1200 mg ibuprofen per day (3 tablets Nurofen 400).
It is recommended that you take each tablet Nurofen 400 accompanied with food or milk.
Consult your doctor if the pain does not stop after 10 days of treatment the fever does not go away after three days.

- Common: headache, stomach or bowel disorders, fatigue, tinnitus and rashes.
- Uncommon: asthma, allergic reactions, bleeding and ulcers of the stomach or duodenum, visual or hearing impairment and nervousness and insomnia.
- Rare: edema, angioedema, leucopenia, stomach or bowel perforation, impaired liver function, renal, vision, dyspnea, and depression.
- Very rare: aseptic meningitis, anemia, clotting disorders and changes in the skin, mucous membranes and eyes.

In case of overdose or accidental intake, go as soon as possible to a medical center or call the Toxicology Information Service: +34 91 562 04 20

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