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Zovicrem labial 2 g View larger

Zovicrem labial 2 g

Ointment to treat cold sores or fever relieve burning, itching and tingling

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Zovicrem lips is an antiviral acyclovir ointment containing as active principle. This compound fights the virus that causes cold sores.
The package includes a metering pump that best preserves apply ointment and allows more comfort: 1 press releases enough ointment for 1 application.
Zovicrem lips is used to treat cold sores or fever relieving itching, burning and tingling that usually produce.

- Active ingredient: Each gram of ointment contains 50 mg of acyclovir.
- Other components: cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, poloxamer 407, sodium lauryl sulfate, dimethicone, paraffin, arlacel 165 and water.

Apply lipstick Zovicrem as soon as possible when you feel the tingling, itching or burning. This is the time when the virus is being played and when Zovicrem lip is more effective.
Wash hands before and after each application
- Adults and adolescents from 12 years old: Cover the affected area with a thin layer of ointment area. Reapply every 4 hours (during the day). Do not exceed 5 applications per day. The minimum duration of treatment is 4 days and maximum of 10 days. If after 10 days of treatment the wound does not improve should consult your doctor.
- Children under 12 years old: Use only under medical supervision.

Check with your doctor before using this ointment if:
- If you are allergic to acyclovir or any other part of Zovicrem lip.
- If the patient is immunosuppressed (AIDS, transplant, chemotherapy or radiotherapy).
- If the patient is being treated with any other medications.
This ointment is lipstick application, do not apply in any other part of the body.
Avoid contact with the eyes. Occur immediately flush with water and contact a medical center.
Do not apply any medicines or prepared in the same area where Zovicrem is applying lipstick.
This medicine contains propylene glycol so can cause skin irritation.
This medicine contains cetostearyl alcohol which may cause allergic skin reactions (dermatitis).
Until the appearance of the crust on the lesion it is contagious.
To prevent infection:
. Wash your hands after each application.
. Do not touch the lip other areas of the body or to other people.
. Do not touch the lip bedding and not share towels, handkerchiefs or napkins.
If the herpes persists or worsens after 10 days stop treatment and contact your doctor.

Zovicrem is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using Zovicrem.

- Uncommon: itching, dryness or burning.
- Rare: redness of the area or dermatitis.
- Very rare: allergic reactions with swelling of the throat that makes swallowing or breathing. In this case contact a doctor immediately.

Overdose or accidental ingestion
Overdosing is unlikely.
In case of accidental ingestion contact a medical center or call a poison control center: +34 915 62 04 20

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Zovicrem labial 2 g

Zovicrem labial 2 g

Ointment to treat cold sores or fever relieve burning, itching and tingling

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