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Nicorette Bucomist 1 mg View larger

Nicorette Bucomist 1 mg

Nicotine spray indicated to help quit smoking by reducing in a few seconds anxiety that usually appears

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Nicorette Bucomist is a spray indicated for smoking cessation relieves withdrawal symptoms to snuff.
The so-called withdrawal syndrome is a set of unpleasant sensations that usually appear when a person stops delivering nicotine to the body in the form of snuff suddenly. Nicorette Bucomist reduces this withdrawal syndrome by administering to the body a small quantity of nicotine over a short period of time.
Nicorette Bucomist provides 1 mg of nicotine in each spray within seconds relieving anxiety that usually appears.

As decides to initiate treatment with Nicorette Bucomist should stop smoking completely.
Take 1 spray whenever you feel like a cigarette. If after a few minutes the urge to smoke have not disappeared may make a second spray.
Load the dispenser sprays air performing 2-4 (until a fine spray) before using it for the first time or if you have not used it for 2 days.
Press the spray pointing toward the open mouth and trying not to touch the lips.

Be careful not to inhale or swallow for a few seconds.
Close the dispenser after each use.

The usual duration of treatment is 3 months:
- Phase 1: From the first week to week 6: Take 1 or 2 sprays whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette.
- Phase 2: From week 7 to 9: It should reduce the number of sprayings up to half of those in Phase 1.
- Phase 3: From week 10 to 12: You must reduce the number of sprays up to 4 daily sprays subsequently be undertaken.

- Do not exceed 2 sprays per application.
- Do not exceed 4 sprays per hour.
- Do not exceed 64 sprays per day.
- Do not use for more than 6 months.



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Nicorette Bucomist 1 mg

Nicorette Bucomist 1 mg

Nicotine spray indicated to help quit smoking by reducing in a few seconds anxiety that usually appears

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