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Nicotinell 21 mg 14 parches View larger

Nicotinell 21 mg 14 parches

Nicotine patches to help stop smoking: relieve cravings and symptoms of withdrawal

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Nicotinell is a transdermal patches medicine indicated to help people who want to quit smoking.
These patches stick to the skin like a Band-Aid and nicotine are released throughout the day.
Nicotinell patches relieve desire to smoke and withdrawal symptoms of those who are quitting smoking.

HOW TO USE (we recommend you consult the leaflet before starting treatment)
You do not smoke once you have started treatment with Nicotinell patches.
Do not use any other medicine containing nicotine while being treated with Nicotinell patches unless directed by your doctor.
The usual treatment consists of 3 phases:
- Initial. Nicotinell patches help you to stop smoking.
- Tracing. The abandonment of snuff is consolidated and begins reducing the dose of nicotine.
- Withdrawal. Phase in which nicotine is stopped completely.
Nicotinell patches is available in 3 doses: 21 mg/24 h, 14 mg/24 h and 7 mg/24 h.
The dose at which treatment should start depends on the number of cigarettes smoked per day or the result obtained in the Fagerström test (available in the leaflet).

Avoid to paste the patches on mobile skin areas such as joints, areas where there is often friction from clothing.
Areas where it is recommended to place the patches are the shoulder, hip or arm. It must be pressed on them for 10 seconds to facilitate adherence.
The skin should be dry, with little hair growth and injury.
After 24 hours the patch must be removed and a new one placed in another area.



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Nicotinell 21 mg 14 parches

Nicotinell 21 mg 14 parches

Nicotine patches to help stop smoking: relieve cravings and symptoms of withdrawal

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