Nicotinell 14 mg 28 parches


Nicotine patches to help stop smoking: relieve cravings and symptoms of withdrawal


Nicotinell belongs to a group of medicines that are used to help you quit smoking.
Nicotinell is a transdermal patch and is similar to a band-aid that contains the medicine in the part that adheres to the skin.

This medication is indicated for the relief of symptoms of nicotine withdrawal syndrome, in nicotine dependence as an aid to stop smoking.

You must completely stop smoking with this treatment, in order to quit smoking. Nicotinell and another nicotine product such as chewing gum or tablets should not be used simultaneously, unless under strict medical supervision.

Smokers under the age of 18 should not use Nicotinell without the explicit recommendation of a healthcare professional.

There are three doses of this medicine available: Nicotinell 7 mg / 24 h, Nicotinell 14 mg / 24 h and Nicotinell 21 mg / 24 h.

Determination of the appropriate dose for each person is based on the number of cigarettes smoked per day or on the results of the Fagerström test. This test measures the degree of nicotine dependence. With the result of this test, you can select the most appropriate patch dose for each person.

Use the Fagerström test to assess the degree of nicotine dependence (SEE LEAFLET).

Treatment phases (SEE LEAFLET).

Method and route of administration
Transdermal route (through the skin).
Open the envelope using scissors and remove the transdermal patch. Do not cut the Nicotinell transdermal patch.
Remove the pre-cut disposable protective sheet on the side of the transdermal patch. This is the side that contains the medicine and the one that should be in contact with the skin.
Immediately after removing the protective sheet, place the Nicotinell transdermal patch on an area of ​​dry, injury-free skin (cuts, scratches, or bruises) with little hair: shoulder, waist, upper outer arm, etc. Avoid mobile areas of the body such as joints subject to friction with clothing. Apply the patch whole and uncut on the skin.
To ensure perfect adhesion, press firmly on the entire outer surface of the patch with the palm of your hand for at least 10 seconds.
Keep the patch for 24 hours. If you have difficulty sleeping see your doctor or pharmacist.
Change the Nicotinell transdermal patch every 24 hours. Use a different area of ​​the skin to apply the patch, allowing several days to elapse before using the same area again.
When you remove the patch from your skin, you should fold it in half with your face in contact with the skin inside before disposing of it in a safe place.
During handling, avoid contact with the eyes and nose and wash your hands after application.

In the case of prolonged bathing in the sea or in the pool, you have 2 possibilities:

- Before bathing, remove the transdermal patch and immediately place it in its container. You can stick it on dry skin again later.
- cover the transdermal patch with a waterproof adhesive (plaster) throughout the bath.

When showering, the transdermal patch can be left on, avoiding directing the jet of water directly at it.

Administration frequency
Wear a patch every 24 hours.

Treatment duration
The duration of treatment is restricted to 6 months.

Consult your doctor if withdrawal symptoms worsen or do not improve, anxiety persists or you have difficulty stopping treatment.