Benerva 300 mg 20 comprimidos


- Treatment of sciatica, back pain, neuralgia, neuritis, facial paralysis, Wernicke syndrome.
- Vitamin B1 Deficiency: Prevention and treatment of beriberi.



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What Benerva 300 mg is and what it is used for
Benerva contains Thiamine (Vitamin B1), a water-soluble vitamin that intervenes in many processes of human metabolism.

It is indicated in:
Treatment of significant deficiency of Vitamin B1 due to increased requirements, reduced intake or reduced absorption.
Situations frequently accompanied by Vitamin B1 deficiencies and requiring supplementation include: regular excessive alcohol consumption, impaired nutritional status.

Benerva 300 mg is indicated in adults from 18 years of age.

How to take Benerva 300 mg
Always take this medicine exactly as described in this leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

The recommended dose is:
- Adults from 18 years:
It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day to treat clear deficiency symptoms.
The treatment in general should not be longer than 2 weeks continuously.
It is recommended to ingest the tablets with sufficient quantity of water preferably before a meal.

If you take more Benerva than you should
Large doses do not produce appreciable effects.
In case of overdose or accidental ingestion, consult the Toxicological Information Service, Telephone 91 562 04 20, or consult your doctor, or go to a medical center, indicating the medicine and the amount ingested.

If you forget to take Benerva
Do not use a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.