Alli (Orlistat) 60 mg 84 capsulas duras


Medicine indicated as an aid to weight loss because it inhibits the absorption of 25% of fat ingested in diet



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Alli (Orlistat) 60 mg 84 capsulas duras

Medicine indicated as an aid to weight loss because it inhibits the absorption of 25% of fat ingested in diet

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This medicine contains Orlistat as active substance. This compound inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase that is responsible for hydrolyzing triglycerides.
Alli prevents the absorption of about 25% of ingested fat by making it eliminated with feces.
Treatment with Alli should be accompanied by exercise and a low calorie and low fat diet.
For every 2 kg weight losing diet doing, you can lose 1 kg more if this diet comes with Alli.
Alli is indicated for those with a higher body mass index (BMI) of 28 kg / m2 and who want to lose weight. BMI relates height and weight of an individual to indicate a numeric value if this is underweight, normal weight or overweight.
The following shows a table of sizes and weights. Look at her height. If your weight is higher than that appears next to the stature you can take Alli if your weight is less means that your BMI is low and therefore should not take this medicine.

  1,50 m 63,00 kg
  1.55 m 67.25 kg
  1.60 m 71.75 kg
  1.65 m 76.25 kg
  1.70 m 81.00 kg
  1.75 m 85.75 kg
  1.80 m 90.75 kg
  1.85 m 95.75 kg
  1.90 m 101.00 kg

- Active ingredient: Orlistat. Each capsule contains 60 mg.
- Excipients: cellulose, povidone, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium starch glycolate, talc, gelatin, titanium dioxide, indigo carmine, sorbitan monolaurate, black ink (propylene glycol, iron oxide, shellac) and polysorbate 80.

Check with your doctor before taking this medicine if:
- If you are allergic to orlistat or any other part of this medicine.
- If you are being treated with any other medications, especially if you are taking cyclosporine, warfarin or other anticoagulants, amiodarone, acarbose, levothyroxine, epilepsy medicines, antihypertensive or cholesterol.
- If you have renal dysfunction, diabetes, cholestasis or if you have chronic malabsorption syndrome.
Alli can alter the absorption of some vitamins so it is recommended that while being treated with this medication also take a multivitamin containing vitamins A, D, E and K. This vitamin complex should be taken at night before bedtime to ensure absorption.
This medicine contains starch gluten, this should be taken into account in the case of celiac patients.

Pregnant or lactating women should not take this medicine.

Children under 18 years old or over 65 should not take Alli.

It is very important to try to follow a diet before starting treatment with Alli.
You should take 1 capsule with breakfast, one with lunch and one with dinner. Take them during meals or within 1 hour after these. If any of these foods is fat it is not necessary to take the appropriate capsule. Remember that this medicine reduces absorption of ingested fat, in the event that not ingested fat will not be useful decision there. Although ingera a meal high in fat not take more than one capsule of Alli in that decision.
should not exceed 3 capsules daily.
You should think how many kilos you want to lose. A realistic goal would be down between 5% and 10% of its weight at the start of treatment. Ideally achieve gradual weight reduction of about half a kilo a week.
The duration of treatment with orlistat should not exceed 6 months.
If you forget to take Alli:
- Take the missed dose if less than 1 hour since the last meal dose.
- Do not take the missed dose if more than 1 hour since the last meal, wait for the next shot dose.

Most side effects are a consequence of its mechanism of action, to control these adverse effects related to diet should take low-fat foods.
Serious side effects (stop treatment and consult a physician):
 . Severe allergic reactions: itching and rash or blisters on the skin, rapid heartbeat, sweating, collapse, swelling of face and lips and dificutad breathing.
 . Diverticulitis, rectal bleeding, pandreatitis, hepatitis, stomach pain.
- Very common side effects: flatulence, sudden movements, loose stools, oily stools.
- Common side effects: anxiety, stomach pain, loose stools, fecal incontinence.

In case of overdose or accidental ingestion seek medical center or call a poison control center: +34 915 62 04 20.

Each pack contains 84 hard capsules and a pillbox to take the daily dose.

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