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Seawater friMar Forte 100ml

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Hypertonic seawater for hygiene and relief of nasal congestion in babies, children and adults


friMar Forte is a hypertonic solution at 22‰ of natural seawater.
It is rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements.
It is a nasal spray that thanks to the special design of the nozzle achieves a fine microdiffusion spray.
The nozzle incorporates a safety collar to allow safe use in babies from birth.

- cleaning of the nasal cavity.
- relief nasal congestion, recommended in cases of stuffy nose by the cold.
- as a complement to the treatments of otorhinolaryngological conditions.

100% diluted seawater equivalent to 22g/L of salts.

Mode of use:
friMar Forte is suitable for babies, children and adults.
It is recommended to perform 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril between 1 and 3 times a day as needed.
friMar Forte can be used daily for a long time.

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