Sterimar higiene y bienestar 100ml


Seawater to facilitate breathing through the nose expelling excess mucus.
Suitable for the whole family



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Sterimar higiene y bienestar is a seawater solution that provides beneficial effects on the nasal cavity.
In addition to the properties of physiological saline solution Sterimar adds the properties of mineral salts and marine trace elements.
Thanks to the special design nozzle, the seawater solution is pulverized in microdiffusion, which allows a longer contact time in the nose and favors the absorption of marine minerals and trace elements.
This mouthpiece has been designed to avoid damaging the nasal mucosa.
Sterimar is recommended both for daily higene and to use punctually when the nose is blocked (eg, cold or flu).

Recommended for:
- Clear the nose.
- Restore the natural moisture of the nasal cavity.
- Facilitate nasal hygiene.
- Prepare the nose to favor the action of a specific treatment.

The container contains 100ml of seawater (approximately 300 sprays).
Each 100ml of solution contains 31.82ml of purified seawater (physiological concentration).

Mode of use
1/ Before use, remove the protective cap and perform 1 or 2 air sprays to open the valve.
2/ Gently insert the mouthpiece into the nostril and press the applicator. Repeat the application in the other nostril.
3/ After application on both nostrils, remove the mouthpiece and wash it with soap and water.
Perform between 2 and 6 daily sprays in each nostril.
Sterimar is suitable for infants, children and adults.
In the event that it is going to be applied to a baby, it should be reclined in a lateral position or sit with the head slightly tilted to the side.

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