Steradent 30 comprimidos limpiadores


Cleansing tablets for dental prostheses.
Triple Action Plus: eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, reduce 50% more plaque and remove stains



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Steradent cleansing tablets with their Triple Action Plus 3-in-1 formula eliminate:
- 99.9% of the bacteria.
- plaque and stains
- 50% more plaque than with a simple brushing

1/ Clarify the dental prosthesis. Place the prosthesis and a Sterarent tablet in a glass.
2/ Fill the glass with warm water until the dentures are completely covered. Do not use boiling water because it could damage the denture. Keep the prosthesis soaking for 3 minutes.
3/ Brush the denture with a soft brush and then rinse with water.
4/ Throw the solution after use.

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