Colutorio Fluor-Kin infantil 500 ml


Mouthwash flavor strawberry to prevent cavities in children from 5 years



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The infant Fluor-Kin mouthwash is a daily mouth-rinse for children that because of its fluoride content (226 ppm) prevents cavities while strengthening tooth enamel.
It is indicated for:
- prevent the appearance of cavities.
- favor the dental enamel remineralization in those cases in which caries is already present.
- those children subject to factors that can cause cavities: wear orthodontic appliances or partial dentures, low salivary flow ...
- children with sensitive dentin.
Does not contain alcohol.
Strawberry flavor.

Apply once a day preferably before bedtime.
Do not dilute.
Rinse with 15 ml of infant Fluor-Kin, after brushing, for 1 minute trying to move the mouthwash through the mouth.
Do not swallow.
It is recommended not to drink or eat until at least 15 minutes after rinsing.

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