Cepillo dental Lacer Medio/Fuerte/Suave


Lacer toothbrushes, specialists in oral hygiene


Lacer toothbrushes are made of Tynex filaments: textured, polished rounded tips and with high flexibility for better adaptation to the interdental spaces and to the different reliefs of the mouth.
The head is small and has a rounded diamond shape to facilitate reaching areas of difficult access avoiding injury to the gums or oral mucosa.
The handle is anatomical and is made in 2 materials for better grip.
The neck is thin, elongated and flexible to allow access to the whole mouth allowing to regulate the pressure of the brushing.
Each Lacer brush includes its protective cap.
Available in 3 hardnesses:
- Strong: For a more intense brushing in people who do not suffer from problems in the gums or of dental sensitivity. 0.009 inches diameter filaments.
- Medium: The brush most used for daily oral hygiene. 0.008 inches diameter filaments.
- Soft: With soft filaments of different diameter for people with sensitive gums or dental sensitivity. External filaments: 0.006 inches. Internal filaments: 0.0007 inches.
Random color.

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