Talquistina crema 50 ml


Provides relief from itching on irritated or sensitized skin by an external cause, such as scratches, insects bites, excessive sweating or sun exposure


Active substance: Calamine.

It has antipruriginous and protective activity of the skin.

Temporary and local symptomatic relief of itching and mild irritation of the skin caused by: insect bites, scratches, sun exposure, excessive sweating ...

Inhalation of the product may cause breathing problems, especially in young children; Therefore inhalation should be avoided by keeping the product away from the nose and mouth of the child during application.
Do not use this medication for long periods of time since allergic reactions may occur, especially in treatments lasting more than three to four weeks.
In case of aggravation or persistence of symptoms, discontinue treatment and consult your doctor.

Talquistin is for cutaneous use.
It can be applied 3 or 4 times a day directly on the area to be treated.
Before each application, it is recommended to wash and dry the skin.
Do not apply to open wounds and avoid contact with eyes.