Funsol polvo 60 g


Indicated to combat the excessive sweating and bad smell of the feet.
Especially suitable for athletes



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What is Funsol Powder?
It is a powder deodorant treatment that helps combat excessive sweating and bad odor of the feet.
Indicated especially for sportsmen, people who use closed and little breathable footwear, or that move in warm environments and with high degree of humidity.

Excess sweating and bad smell of the feet.

- Zinc oxide: Absorbent powder that removes excess moisture from the feet keeping them dry and protected from bad smell.
- Boric acid: Disinfectant that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that cause bad odor.
- Aerosil (Silica): It facilitates the adherence of the product to the skin and prevents it from clogging.

How to use it?
Sprinkle Funsol Powder 1 or 2 times a day, especially between the toes and after washing and drying the feet well.
It should also be applied inside the footwear.

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