Dr Scholl Tratamiento Anti-Hongos


Removes 99.9% of nail fungus



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Fungus infection in the nails is an invasion of some species of fungi at the base of the nail.
The symptoms of these fungal infections are: yellowish discoloration of the nail, white spots on the surface or a nail with a rough and fragile appearance.
Dr Scholl's anti-fungal treatment helps prevent the spread of fungal infection while preventing it from recurring.
This antifungal treatment kit includes:
- 3.8 ml of specific liquid that penetrates the nail reaching and eliminating the fungi.
- 5 disposable files.
Scientifically proven.
Dermatologically tested.

Treatment phase (4 weeks)
- Limit the surface of the affected nail once a week. Discard the file after use.
- Apply the liquid daily on the affected nail.
Protection phase (approximately 9 months)
- Apply the liquid on the affected nail once a week for 9 months or until the discoloration disappears.

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