Filvit Champú pediculicida 100ml


Shampoo to kill lice and nits without damaging the hair


Filvit anti-lice shampoo contains 1% Permethrin, a compound with proven effectiveness against ectoparasites such as lice.
Filvit Shampoo kills lice with 1 single application while protecting hair.
It contains pro-vitamin B5, a softener that allows hair combing avoiding jerks.

1/ Apply Filvit Shampoo on wet or moistened hair with cold or warm water.
2/ Massage the scalp especially rubbing at the nape and behind the ears.
3/ Leave to act between 10 and 15 minutes.
4/ Rinse with water.
Finally, a comb should be used to remove dead lice and nits from the hair.

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