Aquoral Forte 30 monodosis


Eye drops to relieve discomfort or irritation caused by dry eyes



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Aquoral Forte are moisturizing and lubricating ophthalmic drops that calm and relieve for a long time the discomfort produced by ocular dryness.
Contains Hyaluronic Acid with lubricating and mucomimetic functions that produces a moisturizing effect and stabilizes the tear film.
It also contains Galacto-xyloglucan which is a natural substance with functions of balance and protection of the corneoconjunctival surface.
Aquoral Forte is recommended as daily use drops for the lubrication and protection of the ocular surface.
Generates a protective layer on the surface of the eye that protect it from the irritation of environmental factors (wind, smoke, dry air...), from excessive exposure to computer screens or from mechanical factors (contact lenses or after ocular surgery).
Aquoral Forte is suitable for use with contact lenses.
The box contains 30 single-dose 0.5ml bottles with closure.

Hyaluronic acid 0.4%, Galacto-xyloglucan 0.2%, mannitol, sodium phosphate monobasic, sodium phosphate dibasic and water.
It does not contain preservatives.

Apply 1 drop in each eye one or more times a day as needed.
After applying the drops if there is any product remaining in the single dose container, it could be closed again to apply later, before 12 hours have passed since opening.

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