Audispray adult 50 ml


Solution for cleaning the ear.
Prevents the formation of earwax plugs



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Audispray is a 100% natural product for ear hygiene composed of purified seawater.
It is a solution that softens and dissolves cerumen.
Used regularly prevents the formation of earwax plugs.
It is presented in a package with a patented push button that performs a diffusion without gas for an easy and safe application.
Its metering pump supplies the right amount of seawater in the ear.
Audispray is an alternative to cotton swabs.
Suitable for adults and adolescents from 12 years.

How to use:
Apply 1 or 2 pulsations of Audispray 2 or 3 times a week.
People who produce large amounts of earwax should apply Audispray every day.
People who wear hearing aids should perform 1 or 2 daily applications of Audispray in each ear, having previously removed the prosthesis.

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