Dermomed Fix Transparente Banda protectora


Transparent protective dressing strip, water resistant, elastic and adaptable.
In roll to cut to the desired size



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Dermomed Fix Transparent is a 2? skin waterproof adhesive dressing strip.
It is especially suitable for the protection of minor burns or injuries during the shower or at the beach or pool.
The support film is made transparent polyurethane and is elastic and adaptable to any area of the skin.
The acrylic adhesive it contains is hypoallergenic.
The central part has an anti-adherent pad of non-woven fabric coated with a microperforated layer with great absorption capacity.
Dermomed Fix does not hurt when removing it and leaves no residue.
The package includes a roll of 8 cm wide and 75 cm long to cut to the desired size.

- Before placing the Dermomed Fix Band, clean the wound and the surrounding skin thoroughly.
- The skin must be completely dry before applying the adhesive dressing strip.
- Cut the protective tape Dermomed Fix with scissors to the desired size.
- Remove the protective white paper.
- Place the compress on the wound and press lightly on the adhesive tape so that it sticks well to the skin.
- Remove the protective plastic on the top.

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