Thermacare Parches lumbar, cadera (2 uds)


Patches that generate heat and relieve lumbar or hip pain



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Thermacare patches incorporate heat cells that generate heat by relaxing the muscles and relieving muscle and joint pain.
They do not contain medicines.
Thermacare Thermal Patches act directly on the point of pain.
Up to 16 hours: 8 hours of warmth + 8 hours more pain relief once the patch is removed.
Each box contains 2 patches.

Do not open the bag containing the patch until you are going to apply it.
Place the patch with the darkest area of the thermal cells toward the skin and adjust the patch from the front.
The desired therapeutic temperature may take up to 30 minutes.
Patients over 55 years of age should place the patch on a layer of clothing so that it is not in contact with the skin.
Remove the patch after 8 hours.

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