Mueller Kinesiology Tape blue


Kinesiology tape to support muscles and joints preventing injuries, relieving pain and favoring rehabilitation



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Mueller Kinesiology Tape provides support to muscles and joints without limiting range of motion.
It is an adhesive bandage with a wave design that moves with skin and muscles.
Mueller Kinesiology Tape helps maintain flexibility of skin and muscles.
It improves the blood circulation in muscles and joints favoring the process of recovery or rehabilitation.
The Mueller Kinesiology Band is made of 100% cotton, breathable and elastic.
Uses soft and hypoallergenic adhesive.
Does not contain latex.
Color blue.

- Helps restore function of injured, aching or weak joints and muscles.
- Relief in painful musculoskeletal conditions.
- Helps reduce swelling and edema.

The tape comes in 1 roll containing 5 meters of 5cm wide wich is precut in 20 strips of 25cm each.

It is recommended that the placement of the Mueller Kinesiology band be performed by a professional.
The bandage can be adhered for up to 5 days.

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