Compeed Calenturas 15 parches


Invisible patches for healing cold sores



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Compeed Calenturas patches promote the rapid healing of cold sores thanks to its continuous action of 12 hours.
Its hydrocolloid technology favors the healing process since it maintains optimal moisture in the skin and stimulates the movement of vitamins and nutrients to the cells.
Relieves tension in the skin which produces a reduction in inflammation and redness.
Compeed Calenturas calms the pain thanks to the fact that the patch covers and protects the nerve endings that have been exposed due to the injury.
In addition, Compeed Calenturas invisible dressings create a barrier or shield that protects against water, dirt, bacteria and viruses, which reduces the risk of infection.

Although it is clinically proven that the efficacy and speed of healing of Compeed Calenturas is comparable to that of aciclovir cream 5% there are additional benefits when using the Compeed Calenturas patches:
- Discretion: They are transparent patches on which you can apply lipstick or makeup.
- Less pain: The chances of a painful crust forming on the lesion are less with the use of Compeed Calenturas.
- Comfort of use: The patches are applied every 12 hours but the creams have to be applied every 4 hours.

Remove the blue adhesive and place the patch on the clean skin of the lip, without creams.
The patch should be left attached until it comes off on its own.
Lipstick or makeup can be applied over the patch.
In order to obtain better results, Compeed Calenturas invisible dressings should be applied from the first sign of itching and should continue to be used day and night until the complete healing of the lesion.

- Wash your hands before and after placing each patch.
- Try not to touch the cold sore and if you do, wash your hands immediately.
- During the outbreak of cold sores you should not touch your eyes.
- Avoid intimate physical contact.
- Do not share glasses, plates, lipsticks, toothbrushes, etc.
- Wash your hands thoroughly before changing the diaper to a baby.
- Once the injury has healed, change the toothbrush, towels and sheets.

Each package includes 15 patches (1.5cm x 1.5cm).
It contains a mirror inside.

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