Compeed Ampollas Medianas


Adhesive dressings that protect against friction, relieving pain immediately



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The Compeed Ampollas Hydrocolloid technology forms a protective gel that helps heal the blisters of the feet while preventing them from appearing.
They are ideal for preventing or treating the blisters of the heels produced by the rubbing of the footwear.
They act as a second skin while maintaining the natural balance of moisture.
- Relieve the pain at the moment.
- Protects against pressure and friction.
- Promotes the healing of the blisters.
- Seal the wound preventing water from entering and preventing infection.
- They are very thin, discreet and once placed remain attached without moving in several days.
Each pack includes 5 dressings
Measure: 6.8 x 4.2 cm.

It is important to thoroughly clean and dry the skin before placing the Compeed dressing.
When placing it, avoid touching the adhesive part of the dressing with your fingers.
Compeed Blisters on Toes dressings do not need to be replaced until they start to peel off, they usually stay adhered for several days.

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