Somatoline Reductor 7 Noches Ultra-Intensivo 250 ml


Triple action reducer that gets a reduction of up to 1,7cm in 7 nights *
* Results obtained in a clinical study


The new Somatoline reducer is more effective thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients.
Somatoline Ultra-Intensive 7 night reducer achieves maximum efficiency thanks to its triple reduction action:
- Lipolytic: reduces the accumulation of localized fat.
- Draining: drains excess skin fluids.
- Anti-accumulation: it prevents the accumulation of fat. If the treatment is prolonged, the reducing efficacy increases to double in 1 month.
It eliminates the retained fluids by smoothing, toning and moisturizing the skin.
Produces a "patch effect" that helps keep the skin hydrated and retain the active ingredients so they can exercise its action overnight.
Somatoline 7 Day Ultra-Intensive Night Reducer is recommended for women with localized adiposity in thighs and hips.
It is also recommended as shock treatment with results in just 2 weeks.

Apply every night for a minimum of 2 weeks.
It is advisable to use it for at least 4 weeks because in treatments of more than 1 month the reductive efficacy is doubled.
Apply performing a massage with circular movements until its absorption.
It is frequent that after the application of Somatoline Night Reducer is perceived sensation of heat, slight itching or transient redness. This is normal and are only symptoms of the cosmetic activity of the product. These transient symptoms disappear after 30 minutes.
Wash hands after each application.

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