Natusan pomada 75ml


Ointment to relieve the irritation of the baby's butt caused by diaper dermatitis.
Calms redness and itching while repairing and protecting baby's skin



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Natusan is a protective ointment of the baby's skin against the irritation caused by the diaper.
- Reduces irritation and immediately relieves discomfort.
- Creates a protective layer which, by isolating the skin from irritating substances contained in the feces and urine, prevents irritation and redness.
- It repairs the skin recovering its softness and comfort.
Natusan is an ideal ointment for both dry and atopic skin.
It is a hypoallergic ointment since it has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. It contains no perfumes.

Use it on every diaper change to keep the baby's skin protected:
- Clean baby's bottom and dry without rubbing.
- Apply an abundant layer of Natusan ointment with a light massage.

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