OTC Spray Repelente de Piojos


Lice repellent spray to prevent infection in risky environments


OTC Repellent Spray is recommended to protect against lice in high-risk environments (this is Step 3 of Solution 1-2-3).
It is also recommended to avoid reinfestation after having had an anti-lice treatment.
It is suitable for adults and children from 2 years.

Check first that there is no presence of lice in the head of the person to treat.
With dry hair, comb, unwind and spray OTC Repellent Spray until the outer layer of hair is moistened.
Let the hair air dry naturally.
Apply OTC Repellent Spray after each wash, with dry hair, whenever there is a risk of lice infection.

The solution 1-2-3 is a 3-step method to definitively eliminate lice:
1/ Eliminate lice
2/ Remove the nits
3/ Protect from contagion
There is a specific OTC product for each step.

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