Corega Sin Sabor 70 g


Adhesive cream for strong denture fixation



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Corega Sin Sabor is a fixative cream that maintains the prosthesis's attachment throughout the day.
It has been formulated without flavor, without artificial colorants and without zinc.
Corega Without Flavor avoids the entry of leftover food.
3D fixation.

The first time you should use a small amount and then use more if it was not enough.
Applying too much adhesive cream is not convenient because it could overshoot the prosthesis.
It usually takes several tries to find the right amount of adhesive cream for each case.

To place the prosthesis:
1/ Clean and dry dentures well.
2/ Apply a small amount of Corega Extra Strong in short strips and without getting too close to the edges of the prosthesis.
3/ Rinse mouth with water.
4/ Adjust and press the prosthesis for a few seconds so that it is securely fastened.

To remove the prosthesis:
1/ Rinse mouth with water.
2/ With a rolling motion, slowly remove the denture.
3/ Use a soft toothbrush to remove the adhesive cream from the mouth and the prosthesis.
4/ Use cleaning tablets to keep the prosthesis clean.

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