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Care + Crema adhesiva 75 g

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Adhesive cream for extra-strong, secure and comfortable fixation all day long



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The Care + adhesive cream is a fixing cream with an extra strong formula for holding the dental prostheses that lasts all day.
It reduces the movement of dentures and allows to chew harder.
Effectively seal the space between the gum and the denture preventing food particles from entering.
It incorporates a easy application nozzle for a quick application of the cream.
Eating hard foods or drinking hot beverages will no longer be a problem.
It does not contain zinc, parabens, aromas, preservatives or dyes.
Without flavor.

1/ Clean and dry dentures well.
2/ With the help of the applicator apply small amounts of adhesive cream on the prostheses.
3/ Place the denture in the mouth and hold it firmly for a few seconds keeping the mouth closed.
Should wait a few minutes before eating or drinking.
4/ Clean the nozzle of cream residues to avoid the clogging of the cream.

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