Colutorio Clorhexidina Lacer 500 ml


Antiseptic mouthwash to combat plaque.
Ideal as an aid in the treatment of gingivitis



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Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic fast acting and prolonged effect highly recommended by dentists to combat bacterial plaque.
It destroys the microorganisms that make up the plaque, removes the existing plaque, prevents muco-salivary proteins from adhering and inhibits the formation of new plaque.
Mouth rinse Chlorhexidine Lacer is indicated as adjuvant in the treatment of periodontal disease: gingivitis or periodontitis.
It is also recommended as maintenance therapy in pre-implant and periodontal treatment, in implantology, in periodontal surgery, in gerontology, in orthodontics and in dental prophylaxis of irradiated patients.

- Chlorhexidine Digluconate (0.12 g).
- Xylitol (1.00g).
- Excipient C.S.P. 100ml
Does not contain alcohol.

Chlorhexidine Lacer should be used undiluted.
Rinse the mouth 2 times a day with 15 ml of Chlorhexidine Lacer by moving the mouthwash through the mouth for 1 minute.
Do not rinse your mouth with water, or eat or drink for at least half an hour after applying the mouthwash. This would reduce the permanence of chlorhexidine in the mouth and therefore its effectiveness.

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