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Gel dentífrico Perio-Aid Clorhexidina 0,12% 75ml

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Antiseptic gel for use as a dentifrice gel or for topical application in the affected area


Perio-Aid gel is a antiseptic toothpaste gel and topical that fights bacterial plaque.
Because it contains an antiseptic (0.12% Chlorhexidine), Perio-Aid gel can be used as a dentifrice gel or topically in the affected areas.
Does not contain alcohol.

- Brushing daily to combat periodontal and peri-plant diseases.
- For the disinfection of the mouth after surgical procedures: dental extractions, implant surgery ...
- Daily hygiene of the mouth in people with high risk of caries.
- In situations in which a correct brushing can not be carried out.

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