Colutorio GingiLacer 500 ml


Mouthwash indicated to prevent bleeding of the gums


The GingiLacer mouthwash has been specifically developed to reduce bleeding from the gums. The main causes of this bleeding are usually gingivitis or delicate gums.
This mouthwash re-establishes the good state of the gingival tissues at the same time as it prevents gingivitis by reducing plaque formation.
GingiLacer can be used as a daily oral hygiene because it does not contain alcohol and does not change the color of the teeth.
Fresh mint flavour.

GingiLacer should not be diluted.
Rinse with 10 ml GingiLacer 2 or 3 times a day, after regular brushing.
You should move the mouthwash through the mouth for 1 minute.
Do not swallow.
Do not rinse your mouth with water or drink or eat until after 15 minutes after applying this mouthwash.

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