Pasta dentífrica GingiLacer 125 ml


Toothpaste reduces bleeding from the gums caused by tooth brushing.
Short-term effect.
Demonstrated 48-hour effectiveness


Fluoride toothpaste with Antiplaque, Astringents and Toning gums properties.
GigiLacer toothpaste is specifically developed to reduce the bleeding of the gums that is produced by dental brushing.
Combats the inflamed and reddened gums at the same time as it restores the good condition of the gingival tissues.
In addition GingiLacer paste reduces the formation of plaque that is the main cause of gingivitis.
It is indicated for people with delicate gums or who suffer from gingivitis.
Ideal for daily hygiene because it does not irritate the mouth and does not change the color of the teeth.
It is suitable for adults and children from 12 years.

- Triclosan 0.3 g
- Zinc citrate 0.5 g
- Enoxolone 0.2 g
- Sodium monofluorophosphate 1.13 g
- Excipients C.S.P. 100 g
* Fluoride ion 1500ppm.

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