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Colutorio XeroLacer 500 ml View larger

Colutorio XeroLacer 500 ml

Mouthwash to calm the symptoms of dry mouth (Xerostomia)

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The XeroLacer mouthwash is a salivary balancing mouthwash, dental enamel remineralising, gum protector and that prevents tooth decay.
It is a mouthwash of daily use specifically developed for those who suffer from Xerostomia (dry mouth).
By balancing saliva production, XeroLacer refreshes the mouth, soothes the sensation of dryness and prevents the appearance of alterations in the mouth or denture due to a poor production of saliva.
It is formulated with a very mild excipient so that it can be used as daily oral hygiene even by those with delicate oral mucosa.
Contains fluorine (1500 ppm).
Does not contain alcohol.
Fresh mint flavour.

Do not dilute.
Rinse with 10 ml of XeroLacer by moving the mouthwash through the mouth for 1 minute.
Do not swallow.
Perform 2 or 3 daily rinses after the regular brushing.
Do not rinse your mouth with water, or eat or drink for 15 minutes after using XeroLacer.


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Colutorio XeroLacer 500 ml

Colutorio XeroLacer 500 ml

Mouthwash to calm the symptoms of dry mouth (Xerostomia)

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