Pasta dentífrica Fluocaril bi-fluoré 250


Toothpaste with high concentration of fluoride to prevent cavities, tartar and inflammation of the gums


Fluocaril bi-fluoré 250 toothpaste is a toothpaste with a high concentration of fluorine (2500 ppm).
It has a double anti-caries action:
- Immediate action: The fluorine is fixed directly on the enamel and on the dental plaque quickly.
- Persistent action: Fluoride acts on a long time, even after brushing.
In this way the dental enamel is reinforced to better resist the attack of the cariogenic acids.
It also has an antisarro action that facilitates the fixing of fluoride to the enamel of the teeth and prevents inflammation of the gums.

- Prevents cavities and dental tartar.
- Prevents inflammation of the gums.
- Oral antiseptic.

Mint flavor
Size: 125 ml

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