Xhekpon crema 40ml


Facial cream with collagen, centella asiatica and aloe vera.
Moisturizes, regenerates and protects the skin



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Xhekpon is a cream for face, neck and cleavage that retards the aging of the skin.
Main components:
- Collagen: produces a rejuvenating effect as it decreases wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It gives the skin a more youthful and smooth look.
- Centella asiatica: provides hydration to the skin, nourishes and protects it from external factors. Intervenes in the production of collagen avoiding sagging and aging of the skin.
- Aloe vera: has cellular regenerating properties, healing and toning of the skin. It prevents premature wrinkles and delays those due to age.
It is also recommended to reaffirm the skin after pregnancy, flaccidity, thinning, glutes, breasts, hands...

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