Xhekpon Contorno 15 ml


Anti-wrinkle cream for eyes and lips contour



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Xhekpon Contour is an anti-aging treatment that reduces wrinkles and crow's feet while softening the skin.
Its multiagent anti-wrinkle complex is ideal for skin care around the eyes and lips.

- TrilagenTM - Triple action: It favors the synthesis of collagen of the skin, improves its structuring capacity and protects it from degradation.
- Phytosphyngosine SLC: Anti-wrinkle effect thanks to which stimulates the regeneration of the dermo-epidermal layer.
- Hyaluronic acid: Natural moisturizer that fills the furrows of the skin.
- Ceramides (linoleic acid, shea butter...): Beneficial effect on the barrier function of the skin, maintain the defenses and favor hydration.

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