OTC Champú antipiojos con Permetrina


Shampoo to effectively eliminate lice in just 15 minutes



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Shampoo to eliminate lice in adults and children over 2 years (This is the OTC product corresponding to step 1 of Solution 1-2-3).
The OTC champu antipiojos contains Permetrin (1.5%), a compound that nullifies lice activity causing them to die.
Recommended by WHO: The World Health Organization has chosen Permethrin as the first choice treatment for pediculosis.

Apply OTC anti-shampoo on wet hair.
Perform a gentle massage on the hair and scalp to ensure that it is well impregnated.
Put the cap included in the container and let it act for 10-15 minutes.
Remove the champu antipiojos OTC by washing the hair with the usual shampoo.

The solution 1-2-3 is a 3-step method to definitively eliminate lice:
1/ Eliminate lice
2/ Remove the nits
3/ Protect from contagion
There is a specific OTC product for each step.

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