ZZ Loción Antipiojos 100 ml


Scented hair lotion to remove lice and nits


ZZ Anti-lice Lotion is a hair lotion specifically formulated to eliminate lice and nits (eggs) with a single application.
Its formulation with Permetrin 1% w/v is effective against adult parasites and also has excellent ovicidal activity.
Recommended by the WHO: The World Health Organization has chosen permethrin as the first-line treatment to combat pediculosis.
The Cupex Pediculicida Lotion is suitable for adults and children from 2 years of age.
Includes hat.

Do not use in combination with other anti-lice products.
Apply on dry hair between 15 and 50 ml Cupex Lotion (depending on the amount of hair each person) to thoroughly impregnate all hair and scalp.
To perform a massage with the fingers to facilitate its penetration in the zones of greater infestation (nape, temples and proximities of the ears).
Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.
It is recommended to use a fine comb or lighter on still damp hair to remove dead nits.
Finally dry the hair with a towel.
Although with a single application is usually sufficient in most cases if the infestation persisted, the application of the Cupex Lotion could be repeated after 1 week.

- Permethrin 1.0% w/v.
- Isopropyl alcohol 71.0% w/v.

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