Tapones oídos silicona Maries


Multi-purpose silicone ear plugs: reduce noise and prevent water from entering the ear canal



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Silicone ear plugs to prevent discomfort caused by noisy environments.
They are soft, comfortable and fit perfectly to the ear.

- Protects the ear from excessive noise.
- Reduce the risk of water penetration into the ear during the shower, bath or water sports (not valid for diving).
- They help to sleep in people who suffer from insomnia.
- Improve concentration (example: students).
The box includes 3 pairs of plugs.

How to use:
With your hands and ears clean and dry use your fingers to form a ball with the plug.
Do not cut or lengthen the plugs.
Place the silicone ball in the ear flattening it to fit tightly.
The plug should only cover the ear canal, it should not be inserted into it.
Do not reduce the size of the plug.
To remove the plugs should pull up behind the ear.
The plugs should be discarded when they are dirty or sticky.
To clean and disinfect the plugs use a mild soap and water.
The plugs should be completely dry before use.

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