Medias compresión ligera Light Legs Scholl Talla L


Graduated compression stockings that reactivate the circulation giving a comfortable support throughout the day


Scholl Light Legs stockings are a transparent lightweight compression stockings that combine comfort and beauty.
They use Scholl Fiber Firm Technology that applies pressure from the ankle in certain areas to facilitate venous return.
Its graduated compression reactivates the circulation throughout the leg relieving pain or feeling of heaviness.
Scholl Ladder-Lock technology with a specially designed fabric prevents small holes from increasing in size.
The are a breathable stockings that last up to 50 washes without losing its shape or compressibility.

Compression: 3.5mmHg-10mmHg - 20 DEN.

Available colors: nude or black.

- Polyamide: 70%.
- Elastane: 30%.

tallas medias light legs scholl

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