Couldina con ibuprofeno 20 comprimidos efervescentes


Anti-flu with ibuprofen medicine to fight fever, pain, runny or stuffy nose



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Couldina with ibuprofen is an anti-flu/anticatarral medicine that combines 3 active ingredients:
- Ibuprofen: Anti-inflammatory analgesic to reduce pain, inflammation and fever.
- Chlorphenamine: Antihistamine to reduce nasal discharge.
- Phenylephrine: Simpaticomimetic to relieve nasal congestion.
Couldina with ibuprofen is a OTC medicine indicated to fight, in adults and children over 12 years, the symptoms of colds or flus that present with pain, fever, nasal congestion and runny nose.

Couldina tablets with ibuprofen should be completely dissolved in half a glass of water.
The recommended dose is 1 effervescent tablet every 8 or 12 hours as needed.
No more than 3 tablets should be taken every 24 hours.
A minimum of 6 hours must elapse between each shot.
The tablets of Couldina with ibuprofeno should be taken after meals, with some food or with milk.
Your should avoid taking on an empty stomach, especially if you notice digestive discomfort.
As the symptoms disappear, the daily dose should be reduced until the total suspension of the treatment.
If the fever is maintained for more than 3 days or any of the other symptoms persist for more than 5 days, you should consult a doctor.
Do not administer to children under 12 years of age.

COMPOSITION (per tablet)
- Ibuprofen lysinate ... 400 mg
- Phenylephrine hydrochloride ... 7.5 mg
- Chlorphenamine maleate ... 2 mg


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