Cepillo dental Vitis Duro/Medio/Suave


Toothbrush for daily oral hygiene in adults


Its Tynex filaments, textured and rounded ends eliminate bacterial plaque to the maximum.
Its profile is wavy for perfect access to the interdental spaces.
The end of the filaments constitutes the Monotip attack zone that disorganizes the most resistant bacterial plaque.
The end of the head has a rounded shape to reach the most difficult areas of the mouth.
The neck of the brush is malleable: it allows a certain degree of flexion to facilitate access to all areas of the mouth.
Each brush includes a protective cap that keeps the filaments grouped in the center without touching the inner walls of the brush.
The handle is anatomical and has stretch marks for easy grip.
Available in 3 hardnesses:
- Hard
- Medium
- Soft
Random color.

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