Cepillos interproximales Interprox Plus 6 uds


Interdental brushes with angled head for easy access to molar and premolar teeth



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Caries and periodontal disease appear from the accumulation of bacteria in the spaces between the teeth.
Interprox Plus brushes with their Tynex filaments make it easy to clean these interdental spaces.
White filaments detect bleeding spots and blacks reveal areas with plaque (oral biofilm).
The wire of all Interprox brushes is coated with polyurethane to protect the teeth and gums.
Interprox Plus brushes have an angled head which allows easy access to the back area. For this reason Interprox Plus brushes are recommended for the cleaning of molar and premolar teeth.
The most suitable Interprox brush size should be used for each interdental space.
- INTERPROX PLUS MICRO: Indicated for interproximal spaces of 0,9 mm.
- INTERPROX PLUS MINI CONICAL: Indicated for interproximal spaces of 1,0 mm.
- INTERPROX PLUS CONICAL: Indicated for interproximal spaces of 1,3 mm.

The brush should be passed through the space between the teeth so that the filaments come into contact with the teeth but not the wire.
The Interprox brush must be moved from the inside to the outside without rotating it.

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